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Microshading is a technique that involves a combination of Microblading and brow shading together. This technique creates more denser, fuller looking brows that appear to be powdered, but with hair strokes (Microblading). This treatment is recommended for people with oily skin and is ideal for people who have no natural eyebrows.

How Long Does Microshading Last?

Ultimately, the longevity of your micro-bladed brows comes down to a multitude of factors such as frequency of sun exposure, exposure to chemicals such as chlorine or hyaluronic acid, frequency of facials and peels or client skin type. On average, Microblading lasts 18-24 months for the majority of clients but may clients opting for a color boost or touch-ups at the 12-month mark to keep their brows looking “fresh” longer.

Is it painful?

Microblading is performed on the upper layer of the epidermis of the skin, whereas body tattooing is much deeper. We only want to add your beautiful hair strokes to the surface so that they stay looking nice and crisp. Most clients describe the sensation as a light scratch. Clients give us the feedback that the pain level is a 3 out of 10. We usually say if you can handle brow plucking, you can definitely handle microshading.

After Care

🌟 3 0 minutes after the Microshading:

⭐️ Gently cleanse your eyebrows using Phi wipes or wet coton without stretching the skin until you find traces of pigment or colored lymph on the wipes, this way, the excess lymph is removed in order to prevent formation of scabs ,which are otherwise devastating when it comes to pigment.
⭐️ Apply the skin candy cream every time after cleaning the eyebrows.
⭐️ this process should be repeated every 2 hours for 48h.
⭐️ In the next 6 days rinsing is not needed because lymph will not be coming out any longer. However, applying the cream is necessary 3-5times daily.
⭐️The eyebrows must not get wet while washing the face or having a shower.


During the first 7 days, avoid all creams (except the protective ones), all the makeup (foundation)in the eyebrow area.
Avoid exercises that cause excessive sweating, sauna,
facial massage and inhalation.


Suntanning, sunbeds, light (laser) therapy, chemical peels, fruit acids, microdermabrasion, creams that contain regeneration factors etc.

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