January 21, 2022


PhiBright Microneedling, is an advanced version of Microneedling treatment, it has been proven effective when it comes to rejuvenation and correcting skin imperfections as it adapts to the individual needs of different skin conditions and types. We offer our microneedling makeup services to clients who live in Laval, Montreal, Boisbriand, lorraine, saint eustache, saint jerome and surrounding areas.

What is Microneedling? 

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeated micro punctures into the skin with sterile microneedles resulting in micro channels. The micro injury penetrates past the epidermis into the dermis level, activating the fibroblast cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. 

Who is a good candidate for microneedling? 

Virtually anyone in good health can safely undergo microneedling therapy with minimal risk of adverse effects. Typical factors found with some cosmetic procedures such as age and skin colour aren’t a factor with microneedling. If you struggle with: 

– Acne scars 

-Large pore size 


-Fine lines  


-Age spots 

-Rosacea or premature aging 

-Hair lost 


-Stretch marks 

There is no skin type that doesn’t benefit from microneedling. 


Is Microneedling treatment painful?

Most patients report feeling just the slight vibration of the microneedle during the procedure. It feels like if someone put an electronic toothbrush against your skin. You feel vibration, but it doesn’t hurt.io


How many microneedling treatments will I need?

Typically, a series of 3-6 microneedling treatments is recommended, depending upon your area of correction or concern. Your skincare professional will ultimately determine a treatment schedule based on your individual goals and desires. Treatments are usually spaced in 2 to 3 weeks intervals. Patients with deep wrinkles, advanced sun damage, stretch marks, or any type of scars, usually require 6 or more treatments to achieve the desired results. 


How long will my microneedling results last? 

Microneedling produces results through the stimulation of growth factors and collagen, thereby promoting new skin cells to surface. As our skin ages, our collagen production naturally slows down. 

Your overall result will last longer when using an at home skin care regimen that includes a daily Retinoid product. Your medical provider is best suited to make this recommendation. 

New collagen and elastin formation in the skin are documented as visually and measurably improved as much as one year after just one treatment. However, a series of treatments is typically recommended for best results.


When will I see results? 

You will see an immediate glow to your skin. Visible changes to your skin develop over the next few weeks. Your skin’s reaction to the micro injury is to activate more collagen and elastin production, which happens over time. 


What effects does Microneedling have on the skin? 

The effects of Medical Micro-Needling on the skin are significant: 

  • Improve skin texture and wrinkle appearance 
  • Regeneration of tissue 
  • Improve scars, particularly acne scars (as the depressed areas are elevated with new tissue layers) 
  • Enhance periphery skin 
  • Shrink pore size 
  • Improve stretch marks 


MicroNeedling post treatment advice: 

Immediately after the treatment, the artist applies the PhiFace After Treatment Mask and provides the client with the Ultimate Skin Cocktail with detailed instructions for use. 

It is possible that the treated area will be red and that the client will feel tingling and tightening of the skin for about 3 days after the treatment. 

After the treatment, DO NOT: 

  • wash your face for 12 hours 
  • expose the skin to direct sun light for 24 hours 
  • apply make up for 24 hours 
  • use foundations and powders for 48 hours 
  • use sauna, swimming pools and tanning beds for 3 days 
  • expose yourself to physical exertion for 2 days 
  • use Botox or fillers for next 3 weeks