January 21, 2022

Lip Blush


What is Lip Blushing?

Lip Enhancement, or Lip Blushing treatment can correct asymmetrical shaped lips and add definition to lip contours to create fuller lips without injections. Our lip liner and colour shading treatment will improve the natural shape of your lips and give a beautiful shade of your choice, and a perfect lip outline. We offer our lip blush makeup services to clients who live in Laval, Montreal, Boisbriand, lorraine, saint eustache, saint jerome and surrounding areas.


Who Is It For?

Lip blush is perfect for those who want more definition. Also, if you love wearing lipstick every day, we will make it in your favourite shade.
If you have uneven lips or a scar, lip blush is a perfect treatment for covering it up.


Does it hurt?

Pain levels vary from person to person. Professional medical grade topical anesthetic cream is used before and during the procedure to keep you as pain free as possible.


How long does it last?

These procedures are permanent however you may want to brighten or freshen them up after 2-4 years.



Alcoholic drinks, drinks containing taurine and excessive consumption of caffeine should be avoided at least 24 to 36 hours before treatment.
– Solarium or sunbathing should be avoided seven days before the treatment. 

– As a preventive measure, decongestants based on plants can be taken (e.g. Arnica D 30 globules or Traumeel pills). It is recommended to consult a pharmacist. 

– Dry skin should be well cared for a few days before pigmentation (e.g. with a peeling)


The following should be avoided 7-14 days after treatment:

– swimming

– sports 

– sauna

– Solarium and sunbaths 

– Application of decorative or nourishing cosmetics to the pigmented areas e.g. cleansing milk, tonic, day/night cream, make-up 

– Constant contact with pigmentation e.g. through frequent touching or contact with pets


After complete healing, the pigmentation should be protected daily with sun protection factor, especially when sunbathing or in the solarium. The colour intensity of the pigmentation remains longer. After the treatment, the first reddening and signs of swelling can be alleviated with cooling compresses. Cooling gel compresses are ideal for this as they are reusable and easy to disinfect Hygiene during and after a pigmentation is the up and down, because mistakes in hygiene and care can influence the result considerably. External or mechanical influences on the wound during the healing phase can lead to colour loss or colour change.

The following should therefore be avoided:
– scraping

– Peeling (directly or in the first days after pigmentation) 

– Scrubbing at the pigmented spot

– firm rubbing

– constant softening of the facial skin with wet compresses

– excessive washing rituals

– swimming

– Use of incorrect care products (wound cannot close) Especially in the first 48 to 72 hours, the artist‘s instructions regarding follow-up care must be strictly followed. The pigmented area must be kept clean, low-germ and dry. In the days of wound healing, recommend your customers to use hand disinfection several times a day (small, handbag-friendly hand disinfectants are available as liquid or gel in any pharmacy or drugstore).



Day 1: Cleaning the lips hourly (with slightly damp cotton pads)

Day 2-3: Cleaning the lips every 2-3 hours (with slightly damp cotton pads)
In the first 5-7 nights: Apply a thin layer of Vaseline during the night.
In the morning, clean the lips with medicinal soap and water.