July 14, 2023

Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Laval and Montreal

Basic Principles of Photoepilation using SharpLight Systems.

Show off your smooth skin after SharpLight’s professional laser hair removal/reduction treatments.

SharpLight’s innovative and safe med-aesthetic systems offer excellent, lasting hair reduction/removal results with minimum discomfort in a relatively small number of treatment sessions. More specifically, SharpLight’s advanced technologies, based on pulsed light or photo epilation, enable personalized, precise treatments that achieve effective, permanent results. Using these technologies, the hair reduction is achieved when the energy is transformed to heat in the active growth follicles, coagulating the follicle and limiting re-growth. The technologies’ high heat power delivers noticeable results in less time – and these results are targeted so as to protect the surrounding skin. We offer our services to clients living in Laval and Montreal


Hair Removal Machines Main Benefits:

The following are some of the main advantages that SharpLight’s hair reduction treatments offer:

  • Permanent results are achieved.
  • Treatments are non-invasive, reliable and relatively painless.
  • The five pulse duration options allow for precise, flexible and safe treatments.
  • The high power heat applied ensures maximum effectiveness and enables results to be achieved in a relatively small number of treatment sessions.
  • Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.


Client Compliance Pre-Treatment

1. Discontinue Accutane 6 months prior to treatment
2. Discontinue use of Retinoic Acid products 2 weeks prior to treatment
3. Avoid sun exposure, or the use of tanning beds for four to eight weeks (dependant on the skin type of Patient), and self-tanners for at least four weeks, prior and/or in between IPL treatments
4. Report all skin diseases, viruses, infections, cold sores, eczema or allergies to treating Practitioner
5. Do not exfoliate, use glycolic acid, benzyl peroxide or any other skin irritants one week prior to IPL treatments.
6. Avoid Microdermabrasion’s, or peels for two weeks prior to treatment
7. If the skin is red, irritated or sunburned, the IPL treatment must be rescheduled
8. Report all medication taken within two weeks of the treatment
9. Avoid depilating for at least 6 weeks prior to your first treatment. Do not depilate with: waxing, sugaring, plucking, threading or hair removal creams before and/or in between IPL treatments. Shaving is permitted and recommended
10. Discontinue using bleaching creams for 2 weeks prior to treatment and perfumed products (eg. Aromatherapy oils/Essential oils) for 48 hours before treatment
11. Do not use sun blocking creams within 12 hours of scheduled treatments. Consider wearing protective clothing, cotton gloves for driving, or a hat to protect facial areas
12. Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water immediately before an IPL session.


Client Compliance Post Treatment

1. Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds or self-tanners for at least 2-3 weeks after a treatment. Apply Sun Protective Cream of SPF 50+, 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, and 15 minutes afterwards. Keep reapplying as needed throughout the day. Consider using protective cotton gloves for driving, a hat to protect facial areas
2. If there are scabs or blisters, make-up should not be used for 3-4 days
3. Avoid touching, rubbing, peeling or picking of the skin in treatment area, as this may cause hyper/hypo pigmentation, scarring or infection.
4. Gently apply pure Aloe Vera gel or antibiotic ointment to the treated area, twice daily until healed and dry
5. A “cold pack” may be placed over the treated area to reduce swelling and/or discomfort for the first
2-3 days. Discomfort is usually minimal but pain medication can also be taken for pain and swelling if required
6. For 1 week post treatment, avoid: hot baths, showers, hot tubs and saunas. When showering and washing, gently pat dry and do not rub.
7. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours following clinical treatment.
8. Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water 24 hours after an IPL session.



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