March 2, 2022

Chemical Peel

What is the chemical peel?

The chemical peel improves the appearance of the skin with superficial imperfections. After a chemical peel, the skin generally appears smoother, less wrinkled, more elastic and radiant.

How Does It Work?

The peeling technique involves applying exfoliating substances directly to the skin.

The procedure helps:
– Eliminating superficial lesions and stimulating the regeneration of new healthy tissues

– Stimulate fibroblasts to cause the synthesis of elastin and collagen

– Promote the absorption of any hydrating, anti-wrinkle and antioxidant substances applied at the end of the peel.

Where can it be applied?

The skin areas most treated with the chemical peeling technique are generally the following:
Face, neck, hands, back, stretch marks etc.


Chemical peeling is indicated in the following cases:
– Hyperpigmentation, which includes different kinds, such as:

– Age spots

– Melasma (pregnancy mask)

– Skin spots caused by taking the birth control pill

– Superficial acne scars

– Fine lines, more or less deep

– Uneven skin tone;

– Skin redness (eg rosacea);

– Stretch marks.



In some situations, the chemical peel requires several sessions: due to the regenerative capacities of the skin, some lesions may require repeated treatments that are close together or more invasive.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with extremely sensitive or damaged skin. An evaluation is always necessary before the chemical peel treatment, in order to determine if you do not have any contraindications.

Duration: 60 minutes

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