October 18, 2022


Pigmentation, Melasma and Freckles Treatment

Pigmentation Therapy 

Pigmentation Therapy treatment is based on a laser which produces high energy light wavelengths transformed into thermal energy. Laser light absorbs only the cells containing higher concentrations of melanin (natural skin pigment), the laser can be aimed at specific areas of the skin thereby ensuring that the surrounding tissue remains intact.

Treatments are performed for the following reasons: 

  • freckles,
  • melasma
  • age spots.

Intervals between treatments must be 4-6 weeks.

6 to 8 weeks between treatments is a sufficient period for complete recovery. If there are crusts on the treated area or recovery from the previous treatment is still ongoing, it is recommended to postpone the next treatment.

The interval between treatments may be shorter with adequate post-treatment care and in clients with normal skin. Skin Candy After PhiLaser Treatment Gel should be applied to the treated area in the morning and evening. If any issues arise, such as the onset of crusts, scars, infections, sunburnt skin or pigmentation issues, laser treatment should be postponed until these issues are resolved.


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