June 4, 2023

dandilion healing

Dandilion Healing Reflexology

Dandilion enthusiasm for wellbeing has fuelled her concentrate in body and mind wellbeing in the wake of encountering her very own excursion with emotional well-being and bosom malignant growth , her predicament with epilepsy and her dependence on fentanyl. These pursuits drove her across North America to be tutored by a portion of the world’s driving scientists, specialists and medical services experts in the field of cerebrum wellbeing, mental health and addictions. We are experts in reflexology, Energy Healing Reiki, and Nutrient Psychiatry & Therapy.

Business name: dandilion healing Inc
Address : Calgary, laberta
Telephone: (368) 999-1213
Website: https://dandilionhealing.com/reflexology-calgary/
E-mail: send message to dandilion healing

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 4 pm
Saturday/Sunday: Healing Sessions (by appointment only)